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Black Theatre Workshop 50th Anniversary soon!

A lot has changed since our first production as The Black Workshop back in 1971, but our commitment to Black theatre has not. We will announce our 50th Season soon! 

In Conversation With

Black Theatre Workshop’s Artistic Director Quincy Armorer brings his distinct interview style to our “In Conversation With” series, an online interview show where our guests talk about theatre, contemporary issues, life and future artistic projects. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for our next conversation.

The first event of the 50th season will be the annual  Discovery Series – a play reading of a new work in development. The selected play this year is Sanctuary by BTW’s newly appointed Artistic Associate Lydie Dubuisson. Sanctuary is a feminist conversation between a teenage girl and her sister, her Godmother, her best friend, her pastor and God, as she takes refuge in the sanctuary of her church while searching for answers about her destiny.

For this creation, Lydie Dubuisson juggles with English, French and Creole to explore the complexity of an identity but also to create a moment of reflection on the role of women and continuity. What unites or binds girls to their communities? Why stay or go; for whom and at what price? Sanctuary is the prayer of a teenage girl who seeks to discern trust from blindness.

The Discovery Series this year will be a virtual event, streamed live on Facebook LIVE and our YouTube Channel.

Friday January 15, 3PM


Black Theatre Workshop is Canada’s longest running Black theatre company and is committed to reflecting Black culture and community by developing and providing visibility for Black Canadian artists. Black Theatre Workshop is an award-winning English-speaking theatre company based in Montreal, Quebec.