La Parole: A BTW Podcast

La Parole: A BTW Podcast, is here! 

Black Theatre Workshop has launched a new podcast series called La Parole to reach artists and storytellers across Montreal, Quebec, and into Canada. We are bringing you conversations with some of Canada’s most exciting theatre artists, musicians, and storytellers, and we’re so happy to have you join us!

Your Hosts

La Parole is hosted by BTW Artistic Director, Dian Marie Bridge and Playwright and Director, Lydie Dubuisson.

“La Parole gives BTW a way to showcase artists in the fullness of their being and practice. We talk about inspiration, history and the dreams of each guest artist. One of the most fun things about being new to an arts community is discovering the talent pool, and also expanding this community to new audiences. We are so excited to share these casual yet intimate conversations with some of my favourite creators.”  

Dian Marie Bridge

Artistic Director at BTW Host of La Parole

Listen to the La Parole Trailer!

Episode 1

Setting the Stage | Welcome to La Parole with Musical Guest Kunle and an Excerpt Reading of Lorena Gayle’s Iconic “Je Me Souviens”

Co-hosts Dian Marie Bridge, Lydie Dubuisson, and musician and percussionist Adékúnlé Olórundáre (better known as Kunle) discuss getting to know Montreal, Kunle’s journey to the Stratford Festival, and the importance of being able to tell your own stories.  

Episode Transcript

Episode 2

The Artistry of azm | Music, Poetry and a Look into Director ahdri zhina mandiela’s Journey and Writing.

Dian, Lydie, and director, dubpoet and elder ahdri zhina mandiela discuss the founding and impact of bcurrent performing arts, ahdri’s multidisciplinary arts career, and the history of the Black theatre community in Canada.

Episode Transcript

Episode 3

Revolutionary Voice | Trailblazer d’bi young anitafrika on Breaking Boundaries and the Decolonization of Creation

Dian, Lydie, and the revolutionary artists and teacher d’bi young anitafrika discuss Montreal as a hub for artistic experimentation, the importance of intersectionality in artistic communities, and the development of d’bi’s decolonial theatre methods.  

Episode Transcript

Black Theatre Workshop

Black Theatre Workshop is Canada’s longest running Black theatre company and is committed to reflecting Black culture and community by developing and providing visibility for Black Canadian artists. Black Theatre Workshop is an award-winning English-speaking theatre company based in Montreal, Quebec.

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