Emerjade Simms as Cathy-Ann

François Macdonald as Mark

Director: Dian Marie Bridge

Set Designer: Zoe Roux

Costume Designer: Georges Michael Fanfan

 Composer: Rob Denton

 Video / Lighting Designer: potatoCakes_digital (Emily Soussana and Andrew Scriver)  

 Stage Manager: Kate Hagemeyer 

Technical Direction – Shopdogs 

Musical collaborators – Alex Cameron & Riel Reddick-Stevens

Board Operator – Abi Sanie

Surtitles Operator – Catherine Sargent

Surtitles Translator – Maryline Chery

Additional Illustrations – Christine McCauley 

Emerjade Simms as Cathy-Ann

François MacDonald as Mark


After the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade, two friends find they aren’t as aligned as they thought, and the playwrights behind them must figure out how to write about the fallout. Playwrights Andrea and Nick—who share the same identities as their characters—pause throughout the show to figure out how to work together to tell the story of a significant turning point in a friendship. 

La pièce Every Day She Rose sera présentée en anglais avec surtitres français.

Director’s Notes

“I am very excited to dive into the intricacies of how we see the world, set our priorities and examine the breaking of a friendship.”

Through a 2024 lens, we are now working on this production in a post-pandemic world, having lived through the mass civil unrest experienced the world over in 2020. After seeing the original production of Every Day She Rose in 2019 at Buddies in Bad Times theatre in Toronto, I was so excited that the conversation about the relationship between straight Black women and gay White men was finally being explored on stage. In a way, this was a story that was so familiar to me, and many of the Black women in the audience. 

Also, like many people who lived in the city, everyone had an opinion about the events that took place at the 2016 Pride Parade, when BLMTO, as honoured guests of that year’s festival programing, chose to stop the parade to protest Black exclusion at Pride Toronto and the inclusion of police services in uniform at the parade. At that time, many people, me included, lacked the language to express just how the events of that day impacted us, but how this protest made us feel, and the action that we needed to take was clear. 

We now have language to put words to feelings; the natural allyship of Black women and gay White men shifted when privilege was examined, and the spirit of protest was reignited. The ability to listen to one’s intuition becomes the basis of survival, and sometimes, sadly, friendships must end. 


Dian Marie Bridge would like to thank: 

Sandy Hudson, Black Lives Matter Toronto, Infinithéâtre, The BTW Staff

Listen to guest host Dionne Codrington’s interview with Director, Dian Marie Bridge to hear about all things Every Day She Rose.

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*April 6 – 7pm – Black Out Night Performance with post-show talkback

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Studio Espace Libre 
Théâtre Espace Libre 1945 Rue Fullum Montréal, QC
H2K 3N3
Every Day She Rose is a CKUT
Listen to our sound team, Rob Denton (Composer) and Riel Reddick-Stevens and Alex Cameron (Musical Collaborators) on CKUT’s Soul Perspectives. Listen

Get ready for the show with some of the music that inspired the show’s unique soundscape. 

About the Playwrights

Andrea’s play, Eating Pomegranates Naked, won the RBC Arts Professional Award, and was named Outstanding Production at the 2013 Summer Works Festival. Better Angels: A Parable won the Summer Works Award for Production and was published in 2018. Don’t Talk to Me Like I’m Your Wife, won the Cayle Chernin Award for theatre ran at Summer Works in 2016. 2019 saw her co-written play with Nick Green, Every Day She Rose wow audiences at Buddies in Bad Times. Her play about Viola Desmond, Controlled Damage, had its sold-out world premiere at Neptune Theatre in 2020. Get That Hope will have its World Premiere at the Stratford Festival in 2024 at the Studio Theatre. She currently resides in Hollywood, California, working for Disney.

Nick Green is a Dora Mavor Moore, Elizabeth Sterling Haynes, and Tom Hendry Award-winning playwright in Toronto. Most recently, Nick’s play Casey and Diana premiered to a sold-out run at the Stratford Festival of Canada before transferring to Soulpepper Theatre. This show is slated for four more productions across Canada in the 2024/25 season. Other favourite credits include In Real Life (book, Musical Stage Company, Tom Hendry Award Winner); Dr. Silver (book, South Coast Repertory’s Pacific Playwrights Festival 2022 and 2023); Happy Birthday Baby J (Shadow Theatre); Body Politic, Fangirl (book, Musical Stage Company); Living the Dream (book, Canadian Music Theatre Projects); Poof! The Musical (book, Twenties Street Productions, Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award Nomination); and Coffee Dad, Chicken Mom, and the Fabulous Buddha Boi (Guys in Disguise, winner of 3 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards).

Black Theatre Workshop

Black Theatre Workshop is Canada’s longest running Black theatre company and is committed to reflecting Black culture and community by developing and providing visibility for Black Canadian artists. Black Theatre Workshop is an award-winning English-speaking theatre company based in Montreal, Quebec.

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