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The Black Community Resource Centre, in collaboration with Black Theatre Workshop, is offering a series of online workshops to celebrate English black histories in Quebec. The project will invite artists and community members to enter into a creative dialogue with the English black histories that have shaped this province. By exploring their own ancestral lineage to awaken a sense of belonging, participants will immerse themselves in the Arrivals Personal Legacy process led by Arrivals Legacy Project founder  Diane Roberts in collaboration with an interdisciplinary co-facilitation team (to be announced)

The Arrivals Legacy Project  (Arrivals) is a creative engagement tool designed for those who wish to seed new expressive works based on Ancestry and personal history. The process allows participants to connect in new ways to their authentic historic bodies as a powerful source for artistic expression, personal & cultural empowerment. The Arrivals method is a combination of “Afrisporic” influenced performance traditions (dance, voice, movement, alignment, balance), contemporary story weaving and improvisational techniques that opens doors for the emergence of embodied truths drawn from Ancestrally anchored personal places.  

This process will be applied in parallel with an exploration of black historical figures, so our Ancestral legacies may be in dialogue with the cultural and social contributions of the  English speaking Black community of Quebec, with the hope of awakening a sense of belonging to the land.  The outcome/embodiment of this online experiment will be presented in March 2021 in the shape of an installation in a physical and digital space.

The impact of the Arrivals process is profound & lasting. Participants have reported their encounters as turning point moments in their creative work, and in some cases, their lives. In whatever context the workshop is being conducted, the deeply rooted connections that are made, serve to open doors of creativity, diversity & connection.

To apply for this program, please submit a short statement to with the subject line  “BELONGING PROJECT_FIRST_LAST_ NAME” For example.“BELONGING PROJECT_Samantha_Nyinawumuntu_”  containing:

  • Why you want to participate
  • What life experience you bring
  • How do you locate yourself toward English Black history in Quebec
  • Your creative practice (i.e. dancer, writer, actor, interdisciplinary, etc) training (if any) and interests
  • Your name, phone numbers, mailing address and email
  • A small .jpg photo of yourself

No formal artistic training is necessary–just an interest in and willingness to step out of your comfort zone in a collaborative environment.  

Download Guidelines Here.

Download Pamphlet Here.

Black Theatre Workshop is Canada’s longest running Black theatre company and is committed to reflecting Black culture and community by developing and providing visibility for Black Canadian artists. Black Theatre Workshop is an award-winning English-speaking theatre company based in Montreal, Quebec.