AMP 2024

AMP Returns with AMPlified Vision!

The BTW Artist Mentorship Program has officially launched, ushering in a new chapter under the guidance of the newly appointed Associate Program Director, Sarah Labissière! Now in its 11th year, this program, emphasizing production and administration, is set to amplify the talents of emerging and established theatre practitioners on a national scale.

The workshops, offered in both English and/or French, are structured within a newly implemented  framework, reflecting the program’s commitment to supporting artists across Canada’s bilingual theatre landscape. The program offers a range of workshops, 1-on-1 coaching, and networking opportunities to deepen production knowledge and foster critical thinking in live performance.

Applications are currently closed, and the BTW team eagerly anticipates the continuation of the enriching and collaborative journey ahead. If you’re a BIPOC, Indigenous, or 2SLGBTQ+ artist exploring the realms of self-production and creative processes, keep up with upcoming updates here and on Black Theatre Workshop’s social media platforms and consider applying to join this transformative program in 2025.

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Meet the 2023-24 Cohort

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I’m Not Afraid to Die Anymore is a semi-autobiographical musical based on a 7-track project called I’m Not Afraid to Die Anymore.


Anton May

Actor & Playwright

My project is called “The Play That Wrote Itself”. I will be developing a second draft of my play through workshops, with the hope of presenting it to the public in the form of a staged reading.




My project is to focus on developing a format script, doing research by creating Q&A with “The Black Drum” theatre production team, and creating a timeline for art grant planning.


Duane Forrest


The Sunrise in Jasper project is a multidisciplinary exploration of Canadian history and culture, blending music, theatre, and documentary elements to shed light on the intersectionality of Black and Indigenous experiences.

IG: @duaneintheforrest 

YT: AccousticForrest

Elena Stoodley

Sound Designer

Elena Was given carte blanche in an upcoming festival to present a new written work of hers. She has been looking forward to focusing on her first love, telling stories so she accepted the challenge. She is currently working on a solo for a black character who got canceled on social media and all the misadventures that can occur when that said influencer considered themselves as an activist. The one everyone used to trust.

IG : @elle_stoodley
FB: @elenaStoodley

Eric Vega


C’est l’histoire du p’tit Eric et de comment il a fait pour sortir du hood, le problème c’est qu’il en est pas vraiment sorti parce que le hood c’est pas vraiment un endroit. Un spectacle sur ses origines, sur la guerre, la masculinité moderne et la recherche du succès.

IG: @3ric_vega

Inès Vieux Francoeur

Actor & Playwright

pigpen‘ is a surrealist underworld journey; a game of hide and seek in which two sisters love (and by “love”, i mean “crucify”) and hate (and by “hate”, i mean “remember”).

IG: @sheinines

Keith Trevor Fernandez

a.k.a KAJOL, Director

Sustainable Opulence is a piece of interdisciplinary theatre that uses object-based drag expression and projection design to tell the story of a tree all the way from the germination of a seed to its oldest living form, in the heart of climate change factors that are affecting us today in Canada and across the world.



Lamesha ”Blemme Fatale”


I’NA SUIT YOU is a historical research, language learning and theatre-making project for Caribbean teenagers to learn Jamaican National Language and about the history of Jamaicans in Toronto.

The production follows the journey a group of young Black Torontonians go on after they are tasked with rebooting Miss Lou Bennett’s iconic television programme – Ring Ding.




Mon projet est une comédie qui parle des cheveux de la femme noire et de son identité.

IG: @lisawilliaa

FB: @Lisa-Willia Volcy

Makeda Romanetti

Stage Manager

Makeda’s project will be an exploration of neo-colonialism and empathy through poetry and movement.

IG: @majesticmakeda

Makeda Romanetti on LinkedIn

Mel Pickering


My project is a play about a young Haitian woman uncovering family secrets after the sudden passing of an elder, and the impact of her discoveries on her life and family dynamics. It deals with grief, identity, and generational spiritual legacies.

IG: @m3lym3lo


Digital Creator 

If the earth could talk, what would it say?

On Which We Stand is the one-of-a-kind comedy/drama that gives Mother Earth a voice, and she’s got a bone to pick. Coming to life as a fully produced piece of multimedia theatre, this contemporary take on the traditional land acknowledgment turns back the clock to unpack the effects of our colonial history. But while the gates of time are opened so is the door for the intrusive return of Samuel de Champlain. As the only hope to expel the negative effects of his influence on present-day Canada, in an interactive finale, the audience must come together to take their initiative on the path to reconciliation.


Nalo Soyini Bruce

Set & Costume Designer

Stories Around the Calabash Tree is a series of interdisciplinary performance projects infused with Caribbean culture and folklore, exploring the lives of formidable women from the African Diaspora. Each narrative features an inter-dimensional character and utilizes the Calabash tree as a portal to transcend time and place in the pursuit of wisdom.

IG: @nalo.soyini.bruce

FB: @nalo.soyini



An odyssey of African Nova Scotian people and the experience of Black people in Canada.

IG: @Kondika1988

Paul Smith

Playwright, Director & Performer

Inspired by West-African folklore, the stories of the Bible, and other myths, ANANSI v. GOD(s) is a 3-part parable that uses poetry, storytelling, and mixed-media to remind humans and gods alike how to stay true to yourself, stay true to your story, and prepare for the end of the world. As a part of the AMPlified program, Paul will develop a pitch-package towards approaching companies with their work, and will host a workshop presentation of the script in Toronto, ON. this summer.

Ravyn R. Bekh

Stage Manager

BOUND is a journey in the anger, healing, and affirmation of three women connected by a shared ex-abuser. With the presence of rope entwined in their stories and space, the women must navigate their soul-bound connection and the power it holds.

IG: @ravynr.bekh

FB: Ravyn R. Bekh

Artistic Resume

Riel Reddick-Stevens

Digital Creator

Sex Goddess is a theatrical mixtape that follows Rayna (a young singer) on a magical Wizard of Oz-type journey of self-discovery. The story is meant to be a party where the audience engages in and follows as Rayna tries to rid herself of the male gaze and find her true voice!

IG: @rieldonna_joy

Sam Kugbiyi

Playwright, Director & Performer

Sam is currently obsessed with his project “In The Abroad“, a one-man musical drama which tells the story of a young man who must face the challenges of immigrating from Nigeria to Canada.

In The Abroad” has a minimalistic yet vibrant and robust style and uses dialogue, music and dance to explore the themes of fear, loss and hope.

IG: @samkugbiyi

YT: Samthecre8r

Stella Lemaine

Playwright, Director & Performer

Le projet Corps Noirs constitue en le développement d’une pièce de théâtre documentaire qui suit le parcours de 3 performeuses afro-descendante du milieu de la danse et se questionne sur les origines du trauma racial et intergénérationnel en alternant entre performance corporelle et entrevue brut.

IG: @stella.laconstellation

FB: @stella.lemaine

Program Director

‘‘One of my greatest aspirations is to equip emerging artists with the necessary tools and resources, enabling them to access a plethora of opportunities and realize their full potential.’’ 

– Sarah Labissière, Associate Program Director

Black Theatre Workshop

Black Theatre Workshop is Canada’s longest running Black theatre company and is committed to reflecting Black culture and community by developing and providing visibility for Black Canadian artists. Black Theatre Workshop is an award-winning English-speaking theatre company based in Montreal, Quebec.

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