2020-21 AMP Ensemble

This year’s ensemble is a diverse group of emerging theatre artists who demonstrate talent, skill and potential in their respective disciplines!

We are ecstatic to reveal our AMP 2020-21 Ensemble. Under our Artist Mentorship Program coordinators Warona Setshwaelo and Mariah Inger, this new brilliant ensemble will embark on a bold, new season of theatre. 

Over the course of the current season, they will work alongside some of Montreal’s most sought-after theatre professionals, leading up to our popular Industry Showcase in early May. We couldn’t be happier to welcome them all to the BTW family!

Join the Artist Mentorship Program and this group of exceptionally talented emerging theatre artists!

Johnny Abilach

People used to tell me “Johnny you play too much!” So I became an actor, now I play and get paid for it.

Charity Adzie

Charity is currently spending her time catching up on old plays and movies. A small project of hers is working on a podcast about the BIPOC acting community.

Miriame Gabrielle Archin

Miriame Gabrielle Archin est une artiste-créatrice haïtiano-québécoise autodidacte, comme on les appels, qui se perfectionne dans le jeu.

Anaïs Damphousse Joly

Anaïs is an self-taught actress and writer who recently started to write a autobiographical series named ‘’Hoe’s mad’’. Follow her journey in the 2020-2021 acting ensemble of AMP.

Sue E.

Sue E. is a poet, playwright and producer whose theatre-making experiments in ways of being together that resist oppression. Their writing credits include bite your tongue (2018) and ineffable (2019).

Chadia Kikondjo

A fulltime bey-hiver, and part-time rent-head, Chadia strives to create and support works that instigate conversations, and challenge societal norms.

Andre Morris-Mowatt

As a black artist, I am always trying to excel in every onslaught and challenge that comes my way. In the words of J. Cole: “ I ain’t with that sleepin’ underground like a gopher so I go for mine”.

Joy Mwandemange

Joy is an actress, director and musician who creates art that tells her story and reflects on her identity, heritage and experiences

Duy Nguyen

Actor, Storyteller, Dreamer. Growing up Duy only ever had one dream, to one day tell his story and help others who need a voice to tell theirs. Because every story is worth telling no matter which corner it comes from.

Espoir Segbeaya

Espoir Segbeaya is a Montreal based Afro-Canadian actor. She is a recent graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada and is leaping towards her future buzzing, focused and with passion.

Arun Varma

Arun feels most like himself when pretending to be someone else in a different place and time in front of a (large) room of people. He doesn’t get it either.

Black Theatre Workshop

Black Theatre Workshop is Canada’s longest running Black theatre company and is committed to reflecting Black culture and community by developing and providing visibility for Black Canadian artists. Black Theatre Workshop is an award-winning English-speaking theatre company based in Montreal, Quebec.

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