54 Years of Black Theatre Workshop

54th season (2024-2025)

Taking Care of Maman – Djennie Laguerre

Vierge – Rachel Mutombo

53rd season (2022-2023)

Diggers – Donna-Michelle St.Bernard

Every Day She Rose – Andrea Scott & Nick Green

52nd season (2022-2023)

Our Fathers, Sons, Lovers and Little Brothers – Makambe K. Simamba

51st season (2021-2022)

Black and Blue Matters: Track 1 – Omari Newton
Black and Blue Matters (Cancelled due to Covid)  – Omari Newton
Pipeline – Dominique Morisseau
Our Fathers, Sons, Lovers and Little Brothers – Makambe K. Simamba

50th season (2020-2021)

Season Postponed due to Covid

49th season (2019-2020)

Fences (Cancelled due to Covid) – August Wilson
Obaaberima (Cancelled due to Covid)  – Tawiah Ben M’Carthy
Simone Half and Half – Christine Rodriguez
Double Bill – Cry Baby-Kalale Dalton-Lutale, Dark Red-Willow Cioppa
Rendez-vous lakay – Djennie Laguerre

48th season (2018-2019)

Angélique – Lorena Gale
How Black Mothers Say I Love you – Trey Anthony
The Mountaintop – Katori Hall
Scotian Journey – Anne-Marie Woods
Sound of the Beast – Donna Michelle St-Bernard

47th season (2017-2018)

Rendez-Vous with Home/Rendez-vous lakay – Djennie Laguerre
Master Harold – Athol Fugard
Black Boys – Saga Collectif
The Mountaintop – Katori Hall

46th season (2016-2017)

Angélique – Lorena Gale
Bluenose – Emil Sher

45th season (2015-2016)

She Said/He Said – Anne-Marie Woods
Binti’s Journey Marcia Johnson
The Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God – Djanet Sears

44th season (2014-2015)

random – debbie tucker-green
The Power of Harriet T – Michael Miller
Gas Girls – Donna Michelle St-Bernard

43th season (2013-2014)

The Meeting – Jeff Stetson
Sal Capone: The Lamentable Tragedy of – Omari Newton

42nd season (2012-2013)

When Elephant Was King – Chimwemwe Miller
Harlem Duet – Djanet Sears

41st season (2011-2012)

New Canadian Kid – Dennis Foon
Stori Ya – Joan M. Kivanda

40th season (2010-2011)

Dutchman – Amiri Baraka
A Raisin in the Sun – Lorraine Hansberry

39th season (2009-2010)

The Nutmeg Princess Amah Harris  (adapted by)
Swan Song of Maria – Carol Cece Anderson

38th season (2008-2009)

Le Code Noir – George Boyd
Skin – Dennis Foon

37th season (2007-2008)

blood[claat] – d’bi.young.anitafrika
Come Good Rain – George Seremba

36th season (2006-2007)

Mella Mella – Gail Nyoka
The Lady Smith – Andrew Moodie

35th season (2005-2006)

Blacks Don’t Bowl – Vadney S. Haynes
Afrika Solo – Djanet Sears
Shifting Ground/Créons un monde – Ally Ntumba, Chimwemwe Miller

34th season (2004-2005)

Wade in the Water – George Boyd
Meet My Foresisters – Leslie McCurdy
Tightrope Times – Walter Borden

33th season (2003-2004)

Ndito the Masai Girl/ Water Girl/ Amandina – Sheela Langeberg
Wade in the Water – George Boyd

32nd season (2002-2003)

Stuck – Naila Belvett
Yagayah – Naila Belvett, Debbie Young
Bluenose – Emil Sher
A Common Man’s Guide to Loving Women – Andrew Moodie

31st season (2001-2002)

Maija of Chaggaland – Sheela Langeberg
Seachange – Multidisciplinary Performance Event
Stuck – nah-ca-lah
Afrika Solo – Djanet Sears

30th season (2000-2001)

Stockholm[e] – Boogie Marshall
Kouloumé et ses Frères – Franck Joseph-Sylvestre

29th season (1999-2000)

The Crossroads/Le Carrefour – Kossi Efoui
My Children My Africa Athol Fugard

28th season (1998-1999)

New Canadian Kid – Dennis Foon
My Children My Africa Athol Fugard
Riot – Andrew Moodie

27th season (1997-1998)

Freedom is my Middle Name Lee Hunkins
For Ever Free – Marvin Ishmael
Stay Black & Die – Addena Sumter Freitag
Counter Offence – Rahul Varma

26th season (1996-1997)

The Children of Kush Arising
Un Chat & Un Chien – Marvin Ishmael
Joujou’s Traditional Tales for the Holidays – Joujou Turenne

25th season (1995-1996)

Ododo – Joseph A. Walker
A Cat and a Dog – Marvin Ishmael
The Children of Kush Arising – Mic Antoine, Marc Collingwood, Amandra Strawn

24th season (1994-1995)

Pantomime – Derek Walcott
The Children of Kush Arising – Osei Alleyne
Our Lost Heros/Nos Heros Oublies – Winston Sutton
The Nutmeg Princess Amah Harris (adapted by)

23th season (1993-1994)

The Nutmeg Princess – Amah Harris (adapted by)
Pour Filles de Couleur Ayant Envisage le Suicide Quand L’Arc-En-Ciel est Disparu – Ntozake Shange/translation & adaption by Carol Jones
Rhythms of the Motherland
Blood Sweat and Fears – Maria Oshodi
Nos Heros Oublies/Our Lost Heroes – Winston Sutton

22nd season (1992-1993)

Blood Sweat and Fears – Maria Oshodi
Playboy of the West Indies – Mustapha Matura
The Dragon Can’t Dance – Earl Lovelace
The Master of Carnival – Euton Jarvis & Ronald Amoroso

21st season (1991-1992)

Our Lost Heros – Winston Sutton
Possibly Yours – Robert More
Two Can Play – Trevor Rhone

20th season (1990-1991)

The Cat in the Castle – Billy Solly
A Christmas at Carol’s – Leon St.Martin
Smile Orange – Trevor Rhone

19th season (1989-1990)

The Journey – Michael Miller
A Christmas at Carol’s – Leon St.Martin
Cantata – Anne Cameron

18th season (1988-1989)

Here Comes the Groom – Leon St.Martin
Forever Free – Marvin Ishmael
The Shelter – Caryl Phillips
The Colored Museum George C. Wolfe

17th season (1987-1988)

Skin – Dennis Foon
Marvin: Dream of a Lifetime – Dwight Bacquie
God’s Trombones – James Weldon Johnson
Tightrope Times – Walter Borden

16th season (1986-1987)

Invisible Kids – Dennis Foon
God’s Trombones – James Weldon Johnson
Fool for Love – Sam Shepard
Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope – Micki Grant

 15th season (1985-1986)

Statements After an Arrest Under the Immorality Act – Athol Fugard
4 Black Women I know – Kim Robinson
A Woman Alone – Dario Fo & Franca Rame
The Death of Bessie Smith – Edward Albee

14th season (1984-1985)

Home SammArt Williams
For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide when the Rainbow is Enuf – Ntozake Shange
Beauty and the Beast – adapted by Linda Gahn
Razz M’Jazz

13th season (1983-1984)

Nevis Mountain Dew – Steve Carter
Smile Orange – Trevor Rhone
Rum an’ Coco Cola – Mustapha Matura

12th season (1982-1983)

Martin Luther Who? – Clarence Bayne
Pantomime – Derek Walcott
The Caretaker – Harold Pinter

 11th season (1981-1982)

Prodigals in a Promised Land Hector Bunyan
Coming Home to Roost – David Edgecombe

10th season (1980-1981)

The River Niger – Joseph A. Walker
My Sweet Charlie – David Westheimer

9th season (1979-1980)

Gingerbread Lady – Neil Simon
Coldsnap – Linda Ghan

8th season (1978-1979)

A Raisin in the Sun – Lorraine Hansberry
Holes – Peter Robinson
A li’lle Bit O’Somet’in – Lorris Elliot
Papa God – Paul Keens Douglas
Sugar George – Paul Keens Douglas
Gingerbread Lady – Neil Simon

7th season (1977-1978)

Hey you, Light Man – Oliver Haily
Strong Currents – David Edgecombe

6th season (1976-1977)

Ceremonies in Dark Old Men Lonnie Elder III

5th season (1975-1976)

A Calabash of Blood – Eric Roach
Bonanza 72 – Austin Clarke
The Black Experience Clarence Bayne
Sonuvabitch – David Edgecombe

4th season (1974-1975)

Seashango – Errol Sitahal
For Better For Worse – David Edgecombe

3rd season (1973-1974)

Dream on Monkey Mountain – Derek Walcott

2nd season (1972-1973)
1st season (1971-1972)

How now Black Man – Lorris Elliot

Black Theatre Workshop

Black Theatre Workshop is Canada’s longest running Black theatre company and is committed to reflecting Black culture and community by developing and providing visibility for Black Canadian artists. Black Theatre Workshop is an award-winning English-speaking theatre company based in Montreal, Quebec.

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